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Set to be the largest platform for young women refugee voice, connection, and transformation.

A multi-media storytelling program in which young women refugees ignite sustainable transformation on individual, community, and global levels while gaining employment, building ICT and leadership skills, and empowering their futures

Her{connect}Her engages girls, young women, and communities in compassionate action, recognizing their shared humanity, addressing their needs, and amplifying their voices through narrative and dialogue.

With countless individuals fleeing war and conflict worldwide, displacement is the highest ever recorded.

Girls and young women's vulnerability sharply increases during times of crisis, conflict, and displacement as they travel alone and without safe means of supporting themselves and their children. Their dangers persist once they reach a destination country where they are often met with hostility from the local and global community.

Our award-winning methods will make a difference.

Gender-specific responses including safe spaces to address the unique needs and social isolation of girls and young women, as well as cultivate their compassion, resilience, and potential as change agents are lacking from current aid efforts. Yet, such programming has proven to make a significant impact on the wellbeing and economic empowerment of girls, women, and their families. Science shows that strengthening compassion and connection catalyzes sustainable, positive change in the health and development of individuals and communities.

Backed by rigorous research, Her{connect}Her is a scalable, measurable program, which in turn, provides the public, policy makers, and other NGOs insights into the often unheard experiences, strengths, needs, and perspectives of displaced girls and young women. It is powerful and well-poised to make a needed, sustainable impact on the global condition.

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